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Queen Anne Real Estate is a real estate company whose focus is to help you sell or purchase a home. We are appropriately located in the heart of Queen Anne, on Queen Anne Avenue. Our team is comprised of talented agents who each specialize in one neighborhood of Seattle, including Queen Anne. This allows our agents to know a specific area in and out, leading to an effective approach to finding exactly what our clients are looking for. You are important to us–you’re the foundation of our business, and we are here to assist you!

We’re excited to be able to connect with you through our blog. Our goal is to provide content related to the Queen Anne community, Seattle, the real estate market, how-to’s, questionnaires, and anything else that seems appropriate. We want to provide information that pertains to YOU and your interests, so please let us know if there is something you’d like to see. We encourage comments and feedback (positive or constructive). Please feel free to e-mail us, give us a call, or stop by if you have any questions at all!


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